Travel Tips For Corporate and Personal Safety

Unfortunately travel safety has become a major concern for both corporate and personal travelers. There are far too many predators out there trying to make money what they consider the easy way, by stealing it. Even more frightening is the fact that many are not looking for money but to rape or cause bodily harm. Everyone knows that crime exists and that the possibility of these events is real. However, way too many think it will never happen to them. There is no concrete secret that will guarantee that you will never fall victim to crime while traveling but there are measures you can take that can reduce the possibility. Adhere to these travel tips and give yourself the travel safety edge.It is very important when you are traveling that you keep your luggage or briefcase close to you at all times until it has been checked in. Would be villains would like nothing better than too snatch it when you are least expecting it. A basic rule of thumb is this; if you cannot afford to lose it, don’t carry it with you. One of the biggest errors corporate and personal travelers make is the ill-fated measure of drawing unwanted attention to his or herself. You may have it but it is not necessary to flaunt it in the wrong environment. Wearing expensive jewelry, rings and watches only makes you a target. It is always better to be low key and a part of the general landscape.This may sound like something out of the movies but women should be very careful when accepting drinks from someone they do not know. In addition, they should never leave their drink unguarded. Drugs are often introduced at this point that will create a helpless victim very quickly. Plan your accommodations safely as well. Take the necessary precautions to ensure safety. Avoid staying at hotels that put you into potential bad situations. When you leave your hotel it is important not to form a routine. Criminals watch for regular routines so they can best plan their crime. Vary your schedule a little to keep them off guard.Corporate personnel should not wear their nametags in public if they are utilized. If you are high on the corporate ladder you do not want to present this to a ‘would be’ crook. Never use cabs that are unmarked; this is not a safe practice. If you need to rent a vehicle make sure you do so with a company with a solid reputation. It is wise to always keep a working cell phone with you for emergencies. In addition, if you are driving only park in areas that are close to your destination and have plenty of good lighting. Make an effort to keep your money hidden from those who are around you. Once again you want to avoid throwing up red flags to criminals as if you are saying, “here is what I have come and get it”. Do not be one of those travelers who thought following safety tips was useless. Your valuables and your life may depend upon it.

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